Jennifer Lewis

Vinyasa Flow, Happy Hour Yoga & FamilyYoga

Jennifer is an elementary teacher who specializes in English Learners and loves the challenges and joys of teaching. Teaching has been a constant in her life with yoga as the one physical activity she kept coming back to when life’s road became a bit too curvy. As her physical practice became more consistent, she discovered the importance of the breath and the many ways it benefits all aspects of one’s life. As a breast cancer survivor, yoga, and the breath of yoga, changed her life in so many positive ways that she realized the next logical step would be to combine teaching and yoga.


Jennifer completed her 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga training at Studio 4 with Michelle Pollard in June 2017. She gained an understanding of the anatomy of yoga, the importance of creating a safe class as well as the deeper meaning of yoga as a way of life lead by gratitude, compassion and community. As a yoga teacher, her goal is to create yoga classes that are accessible for every body with a focus on the breath as an essential part of the practice. She is excited to be able to share her love of yoga in hopes of helping others find their own inner peace and calm. Namaste!

Tara Brown

Guided Meditation

Tara is a transplant from Portland, Oregon, where, almost 20 years ago, she began her healing-arts journey. While finishing her master’s degree in psychology at Portland State University, she conducted research at National University of Natural Medicine, and in 2004, started her first holistic healing practice. Tara is an Usui Reiki Master and certified Resonance Repatterning® practitioner. She is passionate about natural health and wellness, ecopsychology, spirituality, and conscious parenting, and she writes and speaks on these topics. Tara now resides in Delmar, New York with her husband and two young daughters. Tara offers emotional and spiritual wellness at Elevate Albany Wellness and leads guided meditation in the Corelight tradition at Elevate 518 Studio.  www.inur.com

Celena Masten

Mindful Vinyasa

Celena helps students use their yoga practice as an embodied method of self-observation.  This helps them locate spaciousness and options. When this happens, habitual patterns can begin to change. Her approach is lighthearted and down to earth.


She is an LCSW, has been practicing yoga for 23 years, and received RYT 200 in 2007 at Atmananda Yoga Center in NYC. She has a wide range of experience in yoga and movement, and has participated in many trainings and continuing education.


She currently teaches slow flow vinyasa classes and chair yoga as well as gentle and more athletic classes on occasion.  

Cody Bloomfield

Kripalu Yoga

Cody Bloomfield completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Ayurveda in Stockbridge, MA. She brings Kripalu's guiding principles to her classes—most notably, the cultivation of non-judgmental curiosity and connection to one's body. In order to provide a safe space for participants, her teaching style is heavily influenced by trauma-informed principles. In her classes you will be presented with choices, gentle reminders to stay with sensation and the option to decline hands-on assists. She teaches gentle and restorative yoga, meditation and yoga Nidra.  


Leigh Denning

Vinyasa Power Flow

Beginning in 2013, Leigh began to find personal growth and happiness through independently practicing mindfulness, meditation and yoga. While completing her School Psychology degree, Leigh began to realize that she wanted to help others find the peace and appreciation for life that she did through yoga and incorporate this into her personal and professional career paths.

Leigh completed her 200 hour Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in June of 2015 and since has been teaching yoga in studios and privately. Leigh also works full time as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (M.S. Ed., CAS, NCSP). She is eager and excited to continue helping others discover yoga and prosper within their own personal practices.

Flow and Surrender 

Victoria Rutledge

Athletic in nature, Victoria's journey to yoga has been driven by the organic progression away from personal competition into personal compassion and humility. Patience, compassion and a non-judgmental self-awareness are the corner stones of her personal practice. Victoria got her first certifications specializing in Vinyasa Flow, continuing to deeply push herself. It was not until her training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health that she began to explore a softer side of her practice. Opening into an inquiry-based style of practicing and truly departing from the fires of competition, her classes are a mix of exploration, acceptance and rigor. Connecting breath and body, Victoria's goal is to facilitate each student in finding the root of their own practice, getting what they need from every class. Allowing each student to listen to their inner teacher, she hopes to help every person unlock their intuitive understanding that they are whole, and deserving of all the love they can imagine. "Centered in love, class becomes a practice of kindness and gratitude for the body and soul."  


Gentle Adaptive Yoga

Carrie Will

Carrie Will is the founder of Yoga Care as well as an instructor. She is a Kripalu trained, certified and registered, yoga teacher who received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certificate in 2008 and has been teaching proudly ever since. She is well versed and well studied in the Kripalu tradition and has assisted programs and teacher trainings at the Kripalu Center where she gained a wider understanding of yoga philosophy. Carrie is currently on her way to receiving her 500hr advanced teaching certificate. With many hours of study and practice under her belt, Carrie uses her creativity and compassion to build yoga classes on the spot to suit the needs of her students. Her specialty has become teaching yoga to people in recovery. Whether the person in front of her is recovering from addiction or injury or both, Carrie finds great pleasure in tailoring the yoga she teaches to best reach and serve the client she’s working with.

Carrie’s approach to teaching yoga is deeply rooted in empathy and compassion. She believes that yoga satisfies a core human need to be seen and she teaches people how to see and accept themselves for who they are. She has a gentle approach to yoga and especially loves teaching beginners.


Prenatal, Mommy & Me, Birth Partner Yoga

Janine Murphy

Janine has been practicing yoga since 1996. After starting her family, her practice deepened and in 2011 she trained to become a teacher at her home studio, BambooMoves, in Queens, NY. She then trained to teach prenatal yoga at Kripalu in 2012.


Janine loves sharing this practice of movement, breath and stillness. She believes strongly in making yoga accessible and adapting as needed.


Kundalini Yoga

Kim Muncil

After many years of practicing Vinyasa Yoga, Kundalini Yoga found Kim.  While traveling, she was looking for a class and the only one available to her was a Kundalini Yoga class. She didn’t know anything about Kundalini Yoga and was a little leery when she noticed the instructor wore all white clothing. However, she gave it a try and the practice resonated deeply with her. After returning to Albany, she found a Kundalini class to attend and was hooked. This powerful practice brought her so much peace and healing from past trauma that she became KRI certified so that she could share this practice with others.
Kundalini Yoga uses exercises, breath work, mantra, and meditation to move and expand energy in the body. It is also called the “Yoga of Awareness” because with consistent practice it brings awareness and clarity to your life. 

Yoga for all bodies

Nadia El Fawal

A yoga practitioner since 2009, Nadia El-Fawal earned her 200-hour certification as a yoga teacher through Yoga Vidya in the spring of 2017. She is a community partner with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition, and through partnering with them seeks to continue creating inclusive, body-positive spaces where students can experience yoga as a transformative tool for their personal lives and for their communities. In her classes, students are invited to join her while they compassionately cultivate curiosity and challenge themselves to grow, both on and off the mat. She embraces the idea that yoga is for all bodies and all people and is passionate about to imparting to her students that all bodies can find an expression of asana (physical postures) that best suits them. She strives to teach students to learn to utilize the tools and gifts of yoga to serve them where they are presently in their practice and in their lives in a judgement-free, positive, and encouraging environment. 

Flexibility, strength and self-acceptance

Fiona Nelson

Fiona began practicing yoga in 2009 while recovering from knee surgery in hopes of increasing her flexibility and strength. Although initially drawn to yoga for the physical benefits, she soon began to feel the positive effects of yoga in many other areas of her life. Regularly practicing the breath-linked postures of Vinyasa yoga and meditating helped Fiona learn to stay mindful and develop a gentler, more loving relationship with her own body. Eager to share her love of yoga with others, she completed her 200 hour RYT certification through JAI Yoga School in Albany, NY under the guidance of Meg Horan. Through teaching yoga, Fiona aims to plant seeds of awareness and radical self-acceptance in students as she guides students through fun and explorative sequences, while being attentive to each student’s individual needs. In her classes, an emphasis is placed on creating a safe and supportive space for all students to deepen their yoga practice and connect through the breath to their inner-most self.  

Fitness, flexibility, and compassion

Christine Vooris

Christine began practicing Baptiste yoga several years ago to complement her fitness routine and improve her flexibility. With time and a dedicated asana practice she became more limber and relaxed in both body and mind. In 2018, Christine took the step from student to teacher and completed the Baptiste 200-hour and Level 1 trainings. She believes many of the teachings of yoga can be applied off the mat at home and at work. She credits yoga with helping her become a more patient and compassionate person and a more confident and effective leader. She enjoys being a part of the yoga community and strives to support others in their pursuit of wellness and transformation. Christine is a licensed professional engineer and works in the environmental remediation field. In her free time she likes to travel, listen to music, and spend time with family and friends.

Strength, Hatha, and Pranayama

DeAndra Verchereau

DeAndra developed her regular yoga practice in 2015 as a complement to strength training and cardio. Overcoming several childhood tragedies, she immediately recognized that the benefits of yoga were far more than just physical; along with exercise and healthy eating, her personal practice has aided in her battle against anxiety and depression. She believes yoga is a true gift necessary to live a peaceful and happy life on this planet. She wishes to pass this gift along through her Hatha classes. DeAndra received her 200 hour certification in April of 2018 from Lauren Toolin’s school, Yoga Vidya, in Troy, New York. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from SUNY Oneonta and an Associate’s degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She offers thematic sequencing and pranayama to integrate the body, mind and breath. This integration begins the journey to uncover the light within us all. 

Hatha, Renewal and Strength

Deshaya Williams

It was love at first namaste when Deshaya found a spiritual and physical discipline like yoga that integrated heart, soul, mind and strength. She discovered yoga after injury in college as a Division 1 athlete, then rediscovered it several years later after going through a family loss. The twists and turns of life and grace brought Deshaya to the Holy Yoga ministry (Hatha Yoga) where she became a 225-hour Yoga Alliance certified instructor. As a yoga teacher, Deshaya creates space for students to find refuge from their stressful lives; to align and strengthen the physical body; to renew/adjust old and negative thought-patterns; and to nurture authentic community. And as a foster mom, an aunt, daughter, sister and friend, Deshaya is committed to thriving–not just surviving–to doing her best and asking often for mercy and forgiveness. "Supporting families and mothers as a doula and yoga instructor is a passion and joy of mine."

Body Positivity, Inclusivity and Awareness

Dani McMahon

Dani began her journey in yoga almost a decade ago when she took a yoga class for college. From the beginning she was hooked to the way that Yoga made her feel by calming her mind and challenging her body. Through many tumultuous times in her life, Dani has found that coming back to yoga brought her the peace, grounding, and community that she needed.

Compelled to deepen her own practice, Dani saw an opportunity to bring yoga to all body types. Completing her our RYT 200 hour training in 2019 from Jai yoga school in Albany, NY, Dani now seeks to help others find contentment and ease in their lives. Through body positivity and inclusivity, she finds teaching as a positive outlet to remain accountable to herself and to her students and bring awareness to athleticism for all shapes and sizes.


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